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This is the manual user guide for Traditional SAE application made to explain the process of making and using the application. It was simulated first in R code by included the complex survey design and analyzed the synthetic and composite estimation in R shiny package for GUI. The aim of Traditional SAE is to estimate the total of estimation, Mean Square Error (MSE) and Relative Root Mean Square Error (RRMSE) and compared in synthetic and composite estimation. It also can compare from the result of direct estimation in GUI Traditional SAE.
If the direct estimation is not available, it can be estimated by used the algorithm under simple survey design likes Simple Random Sampling Without Replacement (SRSWOR) and the complex survey design such as One Stage Cluster by SRSWOR, Two Stage Cluster by SRSWOR on both stage and Two Stage Cluster by Proportional to Size With Replacement (PPSWR) on first stage, SRSWOR on second stage by running the function in R.

The GUI of Traditional SAE contains the features for estimating synthetic and composite estimation include:

  • Input direct estimation
  • Result download

While, R code of the simulated function in complex survey design contained the features include:

  • Raw data
  • Result of direct estimation

This wiki contains various information about GUI of Traditional SAE and R code of simulated function in complex survey design. It includes:

  1. How to setup

  2. How to use

  3. Reference